Thursday, September 29, 2011


As we were talking in class about how appearance is such a strong theme in Wide Sargasso Sea, it got me thinking about how that people choosing to get married to someone too much based on appearance is still a large problem today. How many times do you see people fall for each other based on all the superficial attractions and not take the time to figure out if there is anything else to that person and if they are compatible in that way. It makes me wonder if the divorce rate would decline at all if more people stopped looking at the artificial and got to know each other and made sure there was more that we were attracted to then just the outside appearance. Referring back to the books, since most of Jane Eyre it talks about how Jane was particularly beautiful, does that mean that the experience of marrying Bertha based solely on appearance has taught him to look beyond the physical appearance and see the inner beauty in Jane? It seems to be part of his journey in becoming a better person that eventually allowed him to end up with Jane and “live happily ever after”. It also leads me to wonder if he had met Jane before he went through the experience with Bertha if he would have considered her as a potential mate as he wouldn’t have been overcome with her beauty like he was with Bertha.


  1. Hey I have one thing I need to say about this, I agree I agree, I agree, and an amen! This is certainly a problem in the world today and there are so many people who just fall in like with each other and decide to get married to each other. Sometimes this grows into love and they end up working but other times it does not and then they are just done with each other. And then... I guess its time to get a divorce. I think one fatal error in relationships is the fact that liking someone is impulsive, loving someone is a choice, and an ability if you choose not to exercise this ability love will end quickly and, much of the time people in like choose to take the dirty laundry and lock it in a closet (or attic as the case maybe) instead of working it out. And then when it gets to be just too much them just quit. But in my mind if there is a possibility you are going to quit in a loving relationship do not get married it will most likely end badly for you. but that’s just the way I feel about it don’t take my word for gospel… that could be and equally big mistake.

  2. Interesting discussion! It makes me think of that point when, after liking/being attracted to someone for a while, you have that moment when something that person does irritates you on an extreme level, and *poof* you no longer gloss over that person's flaws. For me that's usually when I realize that I'm really not that into the person. It seems that Rochester had the same moment when he got the letter from Antoinette's step-brother.

    I would like ask, though, is loving always a choice? One does have the choice as to whether one acts on one's feelings -- but do you really get to choose as whether you feel those feelings?