Monday, October 24, 2011

In denial?

So I was really caught by what Alsana was saying about looking at something close up. This was when the three ladies were talking about Samad and Archie being in the war.  Then the first thing said in the next chapter was talking about the same concept of looking at something straight in the eye.  Well the rest of the conversation preceding that was focused quite a bit on the fact that Alsana doesn’t want to get to know her husband better, she would rather he be a stranger. It’s ironic that the person said it is better to not look closer at the men they have married is the one that says to look closely at something to learn the truth of it. Those two ideas are in complete juxtaposition to each other. Apparently as much as Alsana truly believes what she is saying about not wanting to get to know her husband better, she seems to naturally want more than that. Perhaps she started to look closer and get to know him and didn’t like what she saw? It fact it seems to allude to that as she says she liked him better the one time they met before they were married and the more she got to know about him, the less she liked him. So to me it seems like she wants to know him better and have a closer relationship, but it didn’t go well when she tried, so she now sticks firmly to the fact that it’s better to not even try and to even go to the extreme of keeping them out of all parts of her life that it is possible to do.


  1. It's an interesting idea, though. Maybe if you know too much about the person you are in a romantic relationship with, you start to lose the "magic" and everything becomes mundane?

  2. The marriage could have been arranged and in which case your both kind of stuck in this together and neither one typically knows a lot about the person they are about to marry. If Alsana did know Samad well before they married, I don't think she would have gone through with it. At this point it’s too late to do anything about it and when the truth hurts, ignorance is bliss.